Chantelar Publishing

A Redneck's Guide

Jeff Todd

The first book from author Jeff Todd about the gospel of Jesus Christ and what it means to be a Christian. It's written in simple, everyday terms with a bit of "redneck" humor thrown in. To order or for more information on his works, visit

The Prayer That Almost
Sent Me To Hell

Rachel L. Bennett

Author Rachel L. Bennett is currently writing her first work entitled "The Prayer That Almost Sent Me To Hell; and the ROAD that led me home" - Coming soon from Chantelar Publishing.

Callie's Caboodle

Callie Shaw

A collection of four works from Callie Shaw including - "A Red Balloon," "All Monkeys Like Bananas," "My Backyard," and "Five Little Angels." Each work includes a multi-educational book for children, song and dance on the collection dvd, and access to teacher materials including a teacher's guide and class handouts.

Behind The Miracles

Jeff Todd

The second full offering from Jeff Todd, this book is written on the miracles of Jesus in simple, everyday language with a bit of "redneck" humor thrown in. Jesus performed many miracles in the Bible for various people. These were great works of wonder. These miracles are in the Bible to share a message with us. What are the special meanings behind His miracles? In this book, we examine these miracles and provide commentaries in a simple and easy-to-understand way. . For more information, go to

A Redneck's Guide To Being A Christian; Toon It Up edition

Jeff Todd

Jeff Todd's done it again! A cartoon edition of the popular A Redneck's Guide To Being A Christian. Similar to the old Garfield books that Jim Davis put out in the 80s. For more information, go to

Keeping The Sabbath

Bennett/Boxerman is working on a new book for Christians that want to understand and embrace the biblical, Christian seder on abbath. For more information, go to